Wantage Township New Jersey

888 State Highway 23

Wantage Township Elections

Early IN-PERSON Voting is available to NJ Voters.

Please feel free to call the Sussex County Clerk's Office at 973-579-0900 with any other questions regarding early voting.

The Sussex-Wantage Library is a designated Early Vote Center

  • Q. When does early voting begin?
    A. Early voting begins Saturday, Oct. 29. Early voting ends on Sunday, Nov. 6.
    Hours: Monday thru Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Q. Where do I go to vote early?
    A. There are THREE designated “Vote Centers” available to Sussex County Voters.
    • Sussex-Wantage Branch Library, Wantage
    • Louise Childs Branch Library, Stanhope
    • County Administration Building (pending ADA approval), Newton
  • Q. If I choose to vote early in person, will I be using a machine?
    A. YES. If you vote early in person, you will be using a voting machine, the same used on Election Day, November 8.
  • Q. If I am scheduled to receive a mail-in-ballot will I be able to vote early in person?
    A. NO. If you are scheduled to receive a mail-in ballot, you will NOT be able to use a voting machine unless you first opt out of vote-by-mail. Opt-out forms are available at www.sussexcountyclerk.org or you can come to the County Clerk's office located at: 83 Spring Street, Suite 304, Newton, NJ 07860
  • Q. Will I receive a Sample Ballot before the early voting period begins?
    A. YES. Registered voters will receive a Sample Ballot in the mail 10 to 13 days before Election Day, which will provide address information for the Vote Centers, as well as voting hours.

The Sussex County Board of Elections has published an Early Voting Q&A flyer. Click here for the flyer.

Candidate Information

The County Clerk's Office website contains candidate information for persons interested in running for elective public office. Information includes:
  • What Type of Candidate Am I?
  • Open Offices/Seats To Be Voted
  • Candidate Petitions
  • Number of Signatures Needed on a Petition
  • List of Voters Who Live in my District
  • Election Dates & Deadlines
  • Filing Campaign Reports with NJ ELEC
The website address is sussexcountyclerk.org/elections/candidate-petitions/

Voting Information

Voting information can be found on the County Clerk's Office website at: sussexcountyclerk.org/elections/

Polling places can be found on this page: sussexcountyclerk.org/elections/voter-information/where-do-i-vote/

The New Jersey Voter Information Portal can be found at: nj.gov/state/elections/vote.shtml

Election Forms

Some election forms can be found on the Forms and Applications page

Election Flyers

The State has made available election flyers on its website: nj.gov/state/elections/doe-publications.shtml#flyer-how-to-vote Flyers include How to Vote, In-Person Early Voting, and Become a Poll Worker.

Election Videos

The State has made available election videos on its website: nj.gov/state/elections/vote-by-mail.shtml Videos include How to Vote, How to Complete and Return Your Vote-by-Mail Ballot.

Become a Poll Worker

Poll workers can earn $21.44 per hour on in-person early voting days and $300 on Election Day. They will be paid an additional $30 to attend required training. Apply at Pollworker.NJ.Gov

Social Media

The NJ Division of Elections will be sharing posts highlighting our New Jersey elections. Feel free to share anything that they post using #NJVotes.