Wantage Township New Jersey

888 State Highway 23

Fire Department

The Wantage Township Fire Department has two companies and is assisted in coverage by two other fire departments. In case of fire call 911, not a specific fire department.


Wantage Township Company #1
Beemerville Fire Department
227 Route 519, Wantage, NJ 07461
Phone: 973-875-3771
no active website

Wantage Township Company #2
Colesville Fire Department
1202 Route 23, Wantage NJ 07461
Phone: 973-875-5788
no active website

Sussex Fire Department
25 Loomis Avenue, Sussex, NJ 07461
Phone: 973-875-6848 or 6853
Website: sussexfire.com

Unionville Fire Department
100 Rte 284, Unionville, NY 10988
Phone: 845-726-3880
Web site: www.unionvillefd.com

Wantage Township First Aid Squad

888 Route 23 South, Wantage, NJ 07461
Phone: 973-875-9924
no active website

Ladies Auxiliary of the Sussex Fire Department

Contact: Michelle Clark
25 Loomis Avenue, Sussex, NJ 07461
Phone: 973-875-6848
no active website

Fire Prevention

Wantage has a shared service arrangement with Hardyston Township for Hardyston to handle our Fire Prevention needs.

Contact info:
Bill Walsh, Fire Official
Hardyston Township, 149 Wheatsworth Road, Hardyston NJ 07419
Phone: 973-823-7020 ext. 9356
Email: bwalsh@Hardyston.com

Forms and Applications

Fire prevention forms are available for download. See the forms page for the complete list.

2021 Wantage Township Fire Department Line Officers

Position Name
Department Chief Mark Snook
Colesville Station 62
Deputy Chief Leo Kinney Jr.
Captain Mike Ferrarella
1st Lieutenant Todd Tarrant
2nd lieutenant James Courtright Jr.
Beemerville Station 64
Deputy Chief Justin Vandergroef
Captain Hunter Space
1st Lieutenant Will Vallone
2nd Lieutenant John Buskiewicz
Fire Police
Captain Joe Marrocco
Station 62 Lieutenant Ben Langevin
Station 64 Lieutenant Joe Vallone

2021 Wantage First Aid Squad

Position Name
Captain Stephanie Reinbott
1st Lieutenant Lauren Osborn
2nd Lieutenant vacant
Training Officer Patrick Hanson
President Jeffrey Post
Vice President Stan Gardner
Secretary Marion Porrino
Treasurer Trudy Congdon
Engineer William DeBoer

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