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Welcome to Wantage


The Mayor and Township Committee will hold a public meeting on April 24, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. at the Wantage Township Municipal Building, at which time they will consider for adoption the Revised Report on the Special Assessment for the Lake Neepaulin Dam prepared by the Wantage Township Tax Assessor. Read notice.

Public Hearing May 1
The Hearing previously scheduled to be held on March 27, 2014, by the Tax Assessor of Wantage Township has been rescheduled to take place on May 1, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. Read Public Notice.

Your Lakeland Bank Debit Card is Locked

Please be advised that numerous people are receiving a text message or telephone call claiming to be from Lakeland Bank, stating that their debit card is locked. The message instructs the customer to call a telephone number and select Option 1 to resolve the problem. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS! This appears to be a fraudulent act to gain information. If you are a Lakeland Bank customer and you have any questions about your Debit Card or any other private financial account with that bank, contact Lakeland Bank’s customer service at 866-224-1379.

Spring time brings flowers and warm weather. Unfortunately, it also sometimes brings Scammers. We are receiving sporadic reports from members of the public that unknown individuals have been knocking on doors, claiming to have Car trouble. These individuals may tell you that their car just ran out of fuel or is broken down and is only a few blocks away. This is a common SCAM that is run by criminals. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Sometimes they will ask for money for gas. They may beg you to come with them to the car to try and help them. They may offer you some kind of security such as their jewelery; they may even be well-dressed and look "legitimate". Do not give these people money. Do not follow them to where they claim their car is. If you suspect they are really in trouble, report their situation to the NJ State Police at 973-383-1515.

ALSO: Wantage Township Government is currently NOT involved in any on-going inspection program. If some one represents themselves as an "Inspector," or otherwise undertakes unannounced activity such as photographing your home, or walking around your property "taking measurements", ask them to produce a Wantage Township Photo ID Card. All of our inspectors carry one. If they do not have this identification, or another legitimate form of identification from the County or the State, call the State Police immediately. BE SAFE. BE SMART.

WANTED: Wantage Citizen of the Year
Wantage Township Recreation is seeking nominations for the 2nd annual ‘Citizen of the Year’ award. To be eligible one must be a Wantage resident. He or she should be an inspirational role model and have demonstrated an active interest and involvement in community affairs. This person should somehow contribute to the betterment of our community. If you know someone who you believe exemplifies these qualities and would like him or her to be recognized on Wantage Day, download an Award Nomination Form. Forms can also be obtained from the Wantage Municipal building or by calling 973 875-7192. All nominations must be received by April 22, 2014.

Warning - Do Not Do Business With Unlicensed Peddlers
We received a report of an individual attempting to sell meat from a truck to a Wantage citizen.

Such efforts to sell food items—or other services—door-to-door turn up in Wantage every so often. This type of solicitation is usually presented by the person saying that he has "completed his deliveries for the day" and had some extra inventory, and he wants to know if you want to buy it at a discount.

While the purchase of products through the Internet represents a valid and private business transaction, the act of knocking on some one's door in Wantage Township and offering to sell them something that they did not order represents an act of Peddling. There are currently no licensed peddlers in Wantage Township other than a hot dog cart, and several Snack/Refreshment Carts that operate in the Township public parks.

If anyone knocks on your door and offers to sell you something, ask to see his (or her) Peddler's Permit. If he does not have a Wantage Township Peddler Permit, this individual has not paid his fees to Wantage; he may not be registered with the State of New Jersey for Sales Tax compliance; he has not obtained a Food Handling Permit, so there is no protection for you regarding the safety of the food sold to you; and, this person is taking commerce away from the legitimate Wantage Township businesses and farmers who pay their taxes in Wantage and rely on us to stay in business.

Please remember that you are not obliged to open your door to an unknown person, and you should act with caution whenever someone offers to sell you food, repave your driveway, clean your gutters, or any other service which you have not requested. If this person is a legitimate business person, he will be willing to leave you with his contact information or send it to you in the mail and do business with you another day, if you choose to contact him. Do not accept suggestions of "good deals if you act now." Any such representations should raise a yellow flag of caution. If the offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Suspicious activity involving the offering of such services should be reported to the New Jersey State Police at 973-383-1515.

Woodbourne Park Gated Due to Vandalism
Over the past several months, repeated acts of vandalism have been occurring at Woodbourne Park. Unknown individuals are repeatedly driving vehicles off the paved drive areas within the park onto grass areas and ball fields. To address this matter, the Wantage DPW is placing a gate in the area of the front cul-de-sac at the park and the opening and closing of the front gate to Woodbourne Park is going to be strictly enforced to minimize access to the entire park during evening hours. Read full notice.

Food Drive
Working as a Community to Eliminate Hunger. Drop off your donations at the Wantage Town Hall. To benefit the Sussex County Social Services Food Pantry. All food collected in the food drive will provide emergency assistance to Sussex County residents in need. Thank you. Flier.

Wantage Dog Owners — Did you renew your 2014 dog license?
Dog license renewals were due January 31. A late fee of $2 per month is now being charged. Click here to download 2014 form.

Check your dogs rabies certificates! If your dog's rabies shot expires before November 1st, your dog needs a NEW shot.

Community News

High Point Travel Baseball Club Looking for Players
We are a new travel program that works with Little League to build a feeder program for the High School. Details.

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