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2015 Dog License Applications


Introduced Budget

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Construction on Route 23
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Lake Neepaulin Mayor's Statement

Upcoming Events

Winter Festival
Saturday, January 31

High Point Soccer Spring Registration
at the Library
            Saturday, February 21, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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Welcome to Wantage


Meeting Rescheduled

The Wantage Township Land Use Board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 27, at 7:30 PM has been rescheduled to February 17, 2015 at 7:00 PM. The meeting will take place at Wantage Municipal Building, 888 Route 23, Wantage NJ 07461. Formal action may be taken.

Lake Neepaulin Reminder

Please accept this reminder that Lake Neepaulin remains closed to public use or access. The governing body is in the process of reviewing rules and regulations for recreational opportunities at Lake Neepaulin. Until that review is completed, for safety reasons, the lake is off limits. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

Request for Quotation

Wantage Township is accepting quotes for the recreation fields maintenance program. Quotes must be received no later than 4 p.m. February 5, 2015. Download program quote information.

Dog Licenses

If you purchased a 2014 dog license, a renewal reminder and 2015 license application should have been mailed to you. If you are a new dog owner, or did not receive your renewal invitation, you may download the form here.

Getting Ready for Social Security

Are you ready for Social Security? Click here for online resources and information.

Snowplows and Mailboxes

It's an unfortunate fact that, in rural towns with lots of snowfall, snow plow operators may hit your mailbox and cause damage to the mailbox and/or post. It happens all over Sussex County and, in fact, all over rural USA.

Please accept our promise: we are not aiming for it. We didn't want to damage it. The last thing we want is to do something that will anger the public and cause possible criticism toward us. There is no upside to annoying the public.

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How Does Wantage Township Inform Citizens About Emergencies And Other Important Public Notifications?

The Mayor and Committee utilize a variety of methods to get the word out.
One way is through the Township Facebook page, so feel free to share our posts and encourage others to follow us.

Another way is by posting the information on the Wantage Township website, at

Wantage also maintains a "Blast E-mail chain" to send out notifications. If you are not already on this list, you can send an E-mail to and ask to be included. HOWEVER, please understand that placing your E-mail on this distribution list renders your E-mail address a matter of public record, which must be disclosed by the Township if any one requests the list. For some people, that is not a concern. But if you wish to keep your E-mail address private, you should not join this distribution list, and instead check the Facebook and Website pages for notifications.

Wantage Township will also distribute Press Releases to media outlets (NJ Herald, WSUS, Star Ledger, Advertiser North). These notices may not reach you in a timely manner for time sensitive emergencies, but they are included as a matter of due diligence.

A new feature being rolled out by Wantage Township is called the CodeRed emergency notification system, which has been organized by the Sussex County Office of Emergency Management under the supervision of Sheriff Mike Strada. In situations of emergencies, your home telephone will receive a recorded message alerting you to the situation and offering information available. If you do not have a land line telephone, or if you would like to receive these notifications by E-mail, text message, or cell phone contact, you can visit the following site and register:
Please note: you do not have to register for CodeRed notifications on your telephone land line. These notifications are automatic and require no action from you to receive them.

During regular office hours you may contact Wantage Town Hall at 973-875-7192 for further information as well.

Please share this information! Thanks!

Winter Parking Regulations

From November 15 through April 15, parking is prohibited on the public streets of Wantage between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Do not park a vehicle on any Township Street or part thereof when there is snow or ice on the surface of the road.

Ongoing Points of Interest
We at Wantage Town Hall often are asked the following questions, being on-going points of information the general public is interested in knowing:

This and other information is available through the County of Sussex, by using the following link: We always welcome your phone calls, but in some cases, the local government is not in a position to have the data or information you are seeking. In those situations, we would direct you to search the above resource. Try out the above link, and keep it handy for the future in case you have questions on these topics. We hope this is helpful to you!

Continued best regards,
Wantage Township Mayor & Committee

Township Publishes Fall Newsletter
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Notice: Construction Department Services Have Changed
Wantage Township has entered into an agreement with Hardyston Township; Hardyston Township will manage the Construction Department from the Hardyston Municipal Building. There will be limited office hours at the Wantage Municipal Building. See full notice.

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